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Multi- Platinum Recording/ Mix Engineer, Songwriter, Producer, Vocalist based in Los Angeles. I have 15+ years of professional experience composing industry quality music. With a natural ear and strong ability to adapt and flow between different genres and styles, I can help you at every stage of the process to craft a polished, top notch piece.

With 15+ years of professional live/studio experience I’ve engineered, produced on major Pop, EDM, Rap, Rock, RnB, and Jazz records, film scores, commercials, for Warner Brothers, Sony BMG, Atlantic, etc. I provide services in composition, production, mixing and mastering.

Songwriting- I have a strong ability to navigate different genres and adapt to an artist’s unique style. I can record my voice following your melody and lyrics, provide top line melodies, or write the lyrics for your song. I put my heart and soul into every word and note.

Production - I am able to assist in all elements of Production, Mixing, and Mastering of a song from start to finish. I can meet you wherever you're at in the process to transform an idea or melody into a radio ready piece! I work well under pressure and can usually provide the full job in less than 5 days.

Session Vocalist - When you send me your song I can add any layers needed: leads, backgrounds, doubles, and/or harmonies. My proposal includes all edits and revisions. I can provide my vocal tracks dry or with my own personal taste in EQ, dynamic processing and effects.

The best person to hand over your creative projects to is someone who understands your distinct passion, hard work, and the level of quality necessary to create something phenomenal. Let's have a chat and see how I can help you reach your goals!

Send me an email through 'Contact' button above and I'll get back to you asap.

12 Reviews

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  1. Review by Checker Records LA
    by Checker Records LA

    Talk about versatility! Sam does it all! I came to him with part of an idea and a passion for my project and he blew it outta the water! He plays instruments, sings, writes and was trained by a Grammy winning producer from Detroit. He worked well within my budget and was easy to talk to. My partner and I were impressed with his professionalism and pride in his work and have already recommended him to other artists. He is LA’s finest!

  2. Review by Grace N. Glory
    by Grace N. Glory

    As a gospel artist, it’s hard to find hired talent to sing on one of my songs. I was really hesitant when this young white cat Sam K could SANG like he came up in CHURCH. He’s got a great set of pipes and soul +++!
    He also was humble and helpful and really put his heart into my song. Praise G-d for Sam Kay *********10 stars!

  3. Review by Sara Opal
    by Sara Opal

    My experience with Sam was great. He was extremely professional, it was obvious that he was educated and knowledgeable. He had great communication skills and patience. And exhibited persistence and helping motivate me to finish my end of the song. He had a unique understanding of the technology and he seem to be available to address any concerns I had. He also worked with me on my budget so that it would fit into my expectation for the cost of the song. He had a very positive attitude and outlook and I look forward to working with him on more songs.

  4. Review by  Casey Clifford
    by Casey Clifford

    I would highly recommend working with Sam. His expertise and passion for top-quality songwriting is off the charts. I came to him with an awesome beat and project for my EDM song and he created a masterpiece vocally and sent it back in under three days. I like the fact that I could communicate with him about the song. He really took the time to understand my concept and it totally came through in the music. I am working on a few more songs with him Because this project went so well. I wish I could give you more than five stars Sam

  5. Review by Maddy L.

    Sam K is a great person to work with. He is patient, generous, helpful, and will give up personal time to focus on and help execute any new project. He has been most recently working at Sunset Sounds and Warner brothers music. I recommend collaborating with Sam for he is talented in many areas of mixing music and producing. He has a lot of experience and will prioritize your needs to make the job a success. Moving from Michigan to Los Angeles, the music industry is definitely the place for him.

  6. Review by Tara S
    by Tara S

    I reached out to Sam about a project I was struggling to complete. I had a solid melody and an idea of what I wanted it to be about but I needed help taking it to the next level. Sam came on board and was so professional and helpful, but I never felt like I was sacrificing any of my own personal style. He helped me write lyrics that were true to me and turned my melody into a fire track. Can’t wait to work with him again!

  7. Review by Angelina J.

    Working with Sam was an absolutely amazing experience! He helped record and write my bands ENTIRE album. His mixing skills are on point, and he is very passionate about music. In addition, Sam is very easy to work with, I would recommend him for your next project! *

  8. Review by John Thomas-Ford
    by John Thomas-Ford

    I worked with Sam on a commercial and he honestly blew me away. I expected an average singer and his voice was KILLER. He’s got an old school vibe and he gets things DONE. Like, one take... no playin’ around. Until you see him at work, you won’t believe me. He is really so on his game. Plus he is chill, not a diva, and does exactly what is requested. Too bad there are only 5 stars!

  9. Review by J Braxton
    by J Braxton

    I have to say when I first read his bio I was skeptical that is voice could add layers and backgrounds and doubles and harmonies. But this kid has quite a range and completely improved my song. Great guy, super easy to work with, no attitude. I will use him on everything I do moving forward. Keep up the bad ass work
    Sam! You are Cali’s best!

  10. Review by DeShayla Williams
    by DeShayla Williams

    To be real, I have a great voice but zero writing skills. Sam took my ideas and made them into music. He was patient and really worked with me to find a genre that best showcased the new lyrics and created music that fit my vocal range. Since I am a gospel singer, it was dope to find a writer that had church/gospel experience and brought his years in the Motor City into my jam. Praise God for him. He was the answer to my song-writing prayers.

  11. Review by Bret Raven
    by Bret Raven

    I worked with Sam on a commercial recently and was impressed with his professionalism and prompt response to all of my questions and changes. He underpromised and overdelivered on the commercial. He added so much to what could have been a bland commercial and he put his heart into the project. Young dude with crazy good skills- I would suggest using him as a sound engineer if you need perfection.

  12. Review by SolSinger
    by SolSinger

    In addition to having mad production skills, his voice is unreal. He has depth, heart, and totally improved my project in every way. He was also very responsive and task driven and got the project done under budget and in less time than expected. Can’t wait to work with him again.

Terms Of Service

Terms Of Service:
• 50% Deposit Of Project Required To Start
• All Jobs: 3-5 Day Turnaround **Let me know if you have a deadline.

Gear Highlights
  • API 3224 w/ flying fader automation Logic X Pro Tools HD 3 Tape Machines: Studer A-827 2'' 24 track Genelecs 103A's Yamaha NS-10m's NEVE 1066 MAAG EQ 4 JDK Stereo Compressor UA 1176 Neumann U67 Neumann U87 Rhodes Mark 73 Lexicon PCM60
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