Audio Mastering on SoundBetter is a place you can find a mastering engineer for your new song or album in a sonically fair manner! Let the Mastering Engineers of the world offer you the best they can provide!

After many intentional or unwanted experiments we’ve found that the best way to make the right choice is to give the same mix with exactly the same requirements/preferences and then get different masters, perform an objective test to choose the best one. It’s obvious that only a blind test can do the job eliminating the possibility for us to get biased when we see all those beautiful studio pictures, read all those excited testimonials and five stars reviews, go through all of those long amazing equipment lists, etc. …all the stuff that doesn’t actually matter so much… Why? Because quite often we get really inadequate masters from big-name mastering studios while sometimes we receive outstanding professional results from mastering engineers of lesser or no fame at all.

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