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Trumpet, Vocals, & Songwriting

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Music is a meditation and a language we can all speak. We are all born with a heartbeat, innate rhythm that connects us all to one another. I love making music with people more than anything in this world. Let's work together on your next project!

Vocals, Trumpet, & Songwriting

Experienced in recording, performing, and songwriting. Music is love shared between myself, sound, and whomever I have the honor of sharing the experience with. Being active in the music community since I was 14, my love only grows with time. Let's work together- in the studio, performing, or making your musical visions come to life in the writing process.

2015 "Lost in a Dream" LP, One Day Waning: topline & horn line writer, vocalist, trumpet

2015 "Moriah" EP, High Road Rising (with producer Timothy Carbone): background vocalist

2015 "Let's Kill the Weatherman" Single, Linda Everswick: Trumpet

2017 "Boyfriend Talk" Single, The Big Drops: Trumpet

2017 "A Spring Widow" LP, Fairmont: Trumpet

2017 "If You See No Light, Press On" EP, Bright Eyed Deliverance: Trumpet

2017 "Spalted Maple" LP, Of Love: composer, producer, vocalist, guitar, Trumpet

2018 "We All Die Eventually" Single, Joe Billy: Trumpet

2018 "Art / Entertainment" EP, Marcy: Trumpet

2018 "Pure Imagination" Single in compilation, Mint 400 Records, Of Love: vocalist, piano, trumpet

2018 "Life is Poetry" Single, Of Love feat. Mark Dollar: lyricist, vocalist

2019 "Remember It" Single, Sonic Compost: co-writer, co-enginner, lyricist, topline writer vocalist

2019 "Splash" Single, Sonic Compost: vocalist, lyricist, topline writer

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5 Reviews

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  1. Review by Steven Donahue
    by Steven Donahue

    Erin is not only a fantastic vocalist, trumpet player, and songwriter, she's also a genuinely wonderful person who is incredibly easy to work with. Whether she is tracking in the studio or playing with me live, it's always a pleasure and goes off without a hitch!

  2. Review by greg k
    by greg k

    Erin is a superb trumpet player and vocalist. I have worked with her on multiple occasions and every time she was easy to work with and played her parts wonderfully!

  3. Review by Mike Mocerino
    by Mike Mocerino

    I had the pleasure of performing with Erin when she filled in for my gig about a couple of weeks ago. We played a 3 hour set and Erin learned everything super last minute and was phenomenal! Would Highly recommend having Erin jam with you!

  4. Review by Joseph Billy III
    by Joseph Billy III

    Not only has Erin helped me become a better vocalist, she's the go to person for me whenever I need vocals or trumpet of any kind. She made my single "We All Die Eventually" sound so much better with her layered harmonies (both on vocals AND trumpet.)
    I recommend her to literally anyone hoping to expand their singing or in need of any horn tracking. Definitley planning on hiring her again in the future!
    ~Joe Billy

  5. Review by Neil S.

    I run a record label and have hired Erin to record vocals and trumpet on multiple recordings and she was well prepared and nailed everything with very few takes. She as well has appeared on compilations with her own material and is an outstanding songwriter and an expert at arrangements.

Interview with Erin Lockett

  1. Q: Tell us about your studio setup.

  2. A: I am honored to sing into the Aston Spirit microphone. I usually will use my Shure SM-58 to record trumpet, but I look forward to doing a mic shoot out with my Spirit as well. I also work with logic through a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 and an analog SSL Six.

  3. Q: What other musicians or music production professionals inspire you?

  4. A: Alicia Keys inspires me because she never stopped writing for the people who truly understand art, who can be touched by music, and keeps spirit in her work to this day. I am inspired by Janelle Monae's artistic lifestyle, bold unapologetic lyrical content, and powerful vocals. Timothy Carbone inspires me because of his precision in the studio. He knows exactly what needs to be done and gets it done quickly and professionally. I had the pleasure of working with him on High Road Rising's album, Moriah. Mark Dollar, owner of God River Audio inspires me because he brings so much spirit and life to a session. He is undeniably well-practiced and passionate. I am honored to have work with him in our project called Sonic Compost to this day, as well as writing and producing our single, "Life is Poetry" in 2018 and am blessed to be working on my most current EP, "Wurli" with Mark to be released in 2020.

  5. Q: Describe the most common type of work you do for your clients.

  6. A: I commonly record vocals and coach others in vocal sessions through my love of breathing. My favorite thing to do is write top line parts that are dynamic, wide ranged, and powerfully synonymous with lyrical content. I often record trumpet parts for people ranging from long-tone layers in a bridge, melodic horn lines in harmony throughout songs, the occasional solo, and background that are consistent and supportive to the lead vocalist's style, articulation and timbre.

Terms Of Service

Vocals/Trumpet- Up to an hour per song depending on layers.

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