Federico Missio

Saxophonist, composer,producer

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Try to get a meaningful sculpture out of a rough piece of marble.

Since I'm in the music business I've realized that the toughest point for musicians is not only to get strong ideas, but also a whole meaningful vision. To produce other artists or arrange for them, it's not only matter of skills and knowledge, but mostly of sensitivity, taste, cultural awareness and a 360° no prejudge approach beyond the genres and styles which too often are the true cage for creativity. For sure you have to know them, but in order to possibly give life to something fresh. To me one of the first rules (inner voice) to follow is TO AVOID THE UNNECCESSARY. Unexperience, lack of ideas and ego most of the time can be the main interferences that prevent us to stay focused on an emotional, distilled, point. An external experienced eye (ear :) can helps to change perspective, clarify your mind, enhance your starting point, gettin' out from the obsessive tunnel of endless possibilites.

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Federico Missio - Camargue - feat. Matteo Sgobino

I was the Lyricist, composer, sax player and arranger in this production

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