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Harmony Creek Studio specializes in classical music recordings. We offer several studio session venues as well as provide audio and video recording services for live performances.

The choice of equipment, recording techniques and mastering software we utilize is different from a traditional rock and pop focused recording studio. Large mixing boards and vocal microphones are seldom the right match for live classical music. We employ some of the best microphones in the industry that are suited for classical music such as Schoeps, Earthworks and AEA.

Many live classical concerts use a variety of instrumentation and styles throughout the performance that can be challenging to capture. To handle this, we utilize an array of microphones recorded on separate tracks. Our approach allows us to choose from which microphones and positions sounded the best AFTER the performance to be sure we capture the style and detail of each piece of music. Our goal is to have you experience an immersive recording that sounds like the best seat in the house.

We also utilize battery backups and record to two separate recorders to minimize the likelihood that power or equipment failure will impact your live recording.

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Gear Highlights
  • Schoeps
  • Earthworks
  • AEA R88
  • Lavry Blue
  • Lawson
  • RME
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