Need to mix? Need to master? Need the best price on the market? You're in the right place. As the name says, we like to describe us as a "whole car", constantly moving and evolving. Our team is made ​​up by engineers able to work on any musical product, and our philosophy is simple: support emerging, meet the major. Welcome to Wholecar Studio.

Wholecar Studio is the right place if you want to finish up your songs with the best result and the best price on the market. Based in Rome, our studio has already worked for many artists and companies, focusing one and only one goal: center our customers requests. No dogmas. No schools. What the artist wants to express must be enhanced, not destroyed. Under no circumstances and for no reason.
As you can probably guess from the name, our studio is a like a "big car", constantly moving and evolving. Our team is made ​​up by producers and sound engineers able to work on any musical product, from Pop to Rock, to Hip hop, to RnB. How is it possible? With different people engaged for different genres. Beware of people who claims to be able to work on all genres: it is very rare and work is often careless.
Wholecar is a big family. We support emerging and meets the majors. We accept all types of work, without judging anyone.
By working with our engineers, you will always find a relaxed and creative environment, with the only goal of a comprehensive, professional and "ready for the industry" result.
If you love this way of work, welcome among us. Welcome to Wholecar Studio.

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My credits include

Gear highlights

  • DM2000VCM
  • NS10
  • NT1A
  • U87
  • SM57
  • DMK57-52
  • Fender
  • Marshall
  • MarkBass
  • Tama
  • Keyrig
  • DGX640C Digital Piano
  • Waves Suite
  • UAD

Genres I specialize in

Terms of Service

For mixing and mastering, I offer 5 rounds of revisions per song. Each song is delivered as an mp3 and a wav file.

Reviews of Wholecar Studio

  • Default-avatarover 2 years agoby

    This guys are awesome! One year ago, we brought them our second album for remote mixing and mastering process; from that day, anyone can put hand on our songs except them! Keep it up, guys! 5 stars value and only the best greetings from Crotone ;)
    With love,
    Rob of Keroerika

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Interview with Wholecar Studio

What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?
We sell umbrellas, try there.
How would you describe your style?
Black & White.
Which artist would you like to work with and why?
We agree in saying that it would be great to work with artists like Michael Bublè (because he's the best) , Bruno Mars (because his show at the Super Bowl was incredible), Ed Sheeran (because that guy has magic in his strings), Eminem (like him or not, he made history), Shakira and Rihanna (really want to know why?).
Which artist would you like to work with and why?
We agree in saying that it would be great to work with artists like Michael Bublè (because he's the best) , Bruno Mars (because his show at the Super Bowl was incredible), Ed Sheeran (because that guy has magic in his strings), Eminem (like him or not, he made history), Shakira and Rihanna (really want to know why?).
Is there anyone on SoundBetter you know and would recommend to your clients?
No, unfortunately not yet. We hope to know soon our colleagues in order to update this section :)
Analog or digital and why?
Good question. Probably the best solution is the union of the two schools. We love analog technology, as we believe it guarantees more intense development to the work, but digital technology halves times, and observing the hectic of the creation and dissemination of modern music, we can not deny that often it helps us.
What's your 'promise' to your clients?
Transparency. Everyone to decide to work with us knows that he can count on the fact that the work will be delivered exactly in the way he had imagined it, no ifs, no buts.
What do you like most about your job?
What we love most of our work is definitely the challenge that we face every day when we have to work on a song. From the simplest to the most complex, we always know how to juggle into the intricate network of music, and this makes us feel good. Every time we write a melody, we record a voice or an instrument better than the day before or we export a project began two months earlier, we feel we've accomplished something and making someone happy. Not enough? Ok... The pay is not bad :)
If you were on a desert island and could take just 5 pieces of gear, what would they be?
Perhaps, if I were on a desert island, it would be better to give priority to the search for food, which would be so hard if I could take with me my Native Instruments Machine and my MacBook Pro ;)
What type of music do you usually work on?
We usually work on many different things. For example, just recently we completed a beautiful RnB album, while last week we had a full immersion in a mixing session for a hard Reggaeton tape. Often, however, we produce and work on Pop, Rock, Hip Hop and Acoustic songs, as well as we work a lot scoring soundtracks for commercials, short films and movies.
Can you share one music production tip?
Of course! I will talk about the effectiveness of self-production. Can an emerging artist produce a work of quality and bypass the recording studio? "NO". Alternatively, he can perform part of the work by himself? "YES". Recording studios have costs. But an emerging artist without much possibility of budget can do most of the work at home, thanks to home recording. Obviously, he needs to invest on a good pre-production but a PC, a software (such as Logic or Protools), a good microphone and a pre-amplifier is enough to start. Then, in the studio he will work this material during mixing and mastering sessions. So, working well in pre-production, can avoid recording studio - except maybe small measures or corrections - and get a very high quality product. Another point on which I would like to focus is the great importance of the psychological aspect of "studio life", namely the psychological pressure of the artist: the tranquility is essential for the creation. As the studio will provide a comfortable atmosphere, it is clear that it is possible that because of anxiety, insecurity or time constraints, there are artists who are struggling to let go completely. So, come prepared and with a good level of awareness is crucial if you want to get the maximum being recorded.
Tell us about your studio setup.
Wholecar Studio is divided between 2 studios, distant from each other no more than a few miles. In the first we dedicate more to music production and vocals recordings, with professionals specialized in this type of work, while the second is more focused on bands and orchestras recording and mixing and mastering. Below, you can find the main technical specifications of our studios. Studio 1 Apple IMac 27'' Intel Core i5; Avid Pro Tools, Apple Logic; Focusrite PreAmps; Neumann TLM 103; Apogee Ensemble; Axiom 61; Monitors Yamaha HS80, EvE SC207; Waves Complete Suite; East West Quantum Leap - Complete Composers Collection. Studio 2 Apple IMac 27'' Intel Core i5; Avid Pro Tools, Apple Logic; Mixer Yamaha DM2000VCM; Focusrite PreAmps; Monitors Yamaha NS10; Rode NT1A, Neumann U87, Shure SM57, Shure DMK57-52; Ampli Fender, Marshall, MarkBass; 2 Tama Full Drums; Masterkeyboard M-Audio Keyrig, Yamaha DGX640C Digital Piano; Waves Suite, Universal Audio Technology.
What's your strongest skill?
We could answer beginning to list all the technical capabilities we have, but we'll try to be brief: patience and perseverance. Not every day the music is close to us, as not every day she helps us as we would like. It's important to know that, if you want to take this job, whether you want to be an artist, a producer or a sound engineer. Each behaves differently in front of the microphone, as each will have a different relationship with the microphone. Anyway, going back to answer technically, probably every kind of music composition and everything related to audio post-production.
What do you bring to a song?
Originality, passion, emotion, excitement, power . Each song is a door and ensures the right feeling is the only key for a musician to open this door. Without the right feeling, the music is empty. And pay attention: people know it!
What's your typical work process?
It depends a lot. If we are working as producers of a single or an album, we always start by listening. Composing is nothing without listening. We believe that all starts by listen, understand and analyze before make music. Inspiration is often sudden and evanescent, but with some good starting points on the goal to pursue, you can easily overcome the step of "carpe diem". All this, of course, combined with a good knowledge of music, will surely lead to a perfect result. We also believe that listen and really understand what artist needs (in the arrangements, for the sounds, etc.), is the only key to let out what he has in mind. Only in this way you can really bring out the originality of his art. Failing that, the product is empty, cold, soulless... another copy of the copy.
What other musicians or music production professionals inspire you?
It's so difficult to answer this question. We range a lot and we appreciate many genres of music, and with them, their professionals. Surely, the school of the "big" such as Chris Bauer, Tony Maserati, Manny Marroquin, Chris Lord-Alge, are a continuos source of inspiration for all of us, as we admire the masters of the music business like Simon Cowell or Richard Griffiths, but, in line, rough we try to always learn as much as possible by all, even by the young YouTuber or the first-year student of Music Technology. We believe that everyone can always teach us something, and that we trust we must never forget that. As for the artists, surely we are inspired by all the great names of Jazz and Blues (have mercy, it would be foolish put them all and contemptible exclude someone), as we admire the great stars of Pop, Rock or modern RnB.
Describe the most common type of work you do for your clients.
As a team of producers and sound engineers, we often work on many different requests, so it is difficult to answer precisely. "Every day is a another day", that's for sure, but mainly we can say with certainty that the works we are most commonly assigned are: full music production, beatmaking, recording (for those who live in our city), arrangements, mixing, mastering, top-line writing and scoring for commercials and films. In any way, we love change in our work, so that's fine any type of offer: we will be happy to accept it and carry it out in the best way!