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Sound-Rehab was founded in 2012 to provide professional audio recording and mixing services off the beaten track in outback Austria. Yet soon after its launch it turned more into a creative hub rather than just acting as recording facility. So the obvious next step was to found a record label to distribute artists & bands that are recorded and produced at the Rehab via online retailers and streaming services.

Operated independently, Sound-Rehab is neither obliged to produce certain genres nor stick to rules and traditions when it comes to music production.

Sound-Rehab produces whatever is inspiring, which per definition does not exclude any style or genre, as long as it’s not something we all have heard a million times already.

Artists & bands are encouraged to experiment, pursue new ideas, and create something new and astounding. No matter what it is - it’s got to sound awesome!

Highest quality is key to success. Today’s audience will drop anything but the best without granting a second chance. Hence, tracks are produced and mixed to the highest standards at the Rehab. However, as we do not provide mastering services, we encourage our artists to follow up our joint effort with professional mastering for the high gloss radio-ready finish.

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Dorfpoeten - Schwerelos

I was the composer, producer & mixing engineer in this production

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