Mastering by Matty C Beats

Transparent Mastering

Mastering by Matty C Beats on SoundBetter

Your mix, but transparently LOUD, clear, and pleasing to the ear.

As a studio owner and music producer, I've often been tasked with clients who need final audio so quickly, that I had to learn to create a professional master FAST. Even when we did have the time to wait for a professional mastering engineer, I often felt they purposely left their thumb print on my mix or destructively crushed my mix.

I started taking on mastering projects from other clients with a clear goal: making the mix LOUD, balanced, and enhanced while staying TRUE to the mix. Let me help your mix achieve it's truest potential with a PHENOMENAL master!

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Gear Highlights
  • Regular John Recording VCA Custom Buss Compressor
  • Regular John Recording BAX Custom EQ
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