Steffen Tielcke

Creating and Mixing

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Front of House Engineer, Online Mixing, Live Recording, Studio Recording

I‘m a self-employed sound engineer. Most of the time I am in the area of mixing. In doing so, it is not important whether it‘s a recording or a concert. I feel at home in both areas. Furthermore, I have many years of experiences in the recordings of bands which came from various music genres. For me, it‘s important to catch and render the performance either live or in a studio, so that I can create the best possible sound for the specific project. In the end, the result is that what counts.

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Gear Highlights
  • Beyerdynamic m160
  • m69
  • m201
  • d70 / Audiotechnica ATM450 / Sennheiser e914
  • e906
  • e904 / Shure SM7
  • Beta91
  • Beta57 and many more
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