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MYN is a transfeminine identifying musician, producer, engineer, writer, and general jack-of-all-trades, with over 7 years' experience in some of the world's most utilized DAWs (and related programs) such as: FL Studio, Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Reason, and Reaper.

"Approach your craft with no fear and experiment."
An ambitious musician and composer for well over 10 years and electronic music producer for 7, I've taken my chosen method of expression to the poles and back, reversed it and layered it, taken it to environments most would never think to go.
With a keen ear for loops and breaks, along with an undeniably unique sense of atmosphere and melody, i've dipped my toes in the waters of many genres and toyed with their conventions and walked away satisfied. 80 bpm dubstep songs with one snare every 2 minutes, boom bap tracks built around Tegan and Sara samples, 6 minute long odysseys through electronic soundscapes, 50 second long loops of anxiously rearranged Memphis underground hip hop tracks.
Thundering sub bass, rattling percussion, metallic pads that shimmer and shine, arpeggios bouncing to and fro. Syncopated electro and 2-step garage rhythms, old school hip-hop breakbeats.
James Brown grunts, 808 cowbells, triplet high hats skittering over the high end.

The sound is truly undeniable
You have a date with the bottom of the ocean

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Toxic Dembow Riddim

I was the Producer, Mixer, Composer, Arranger, Drum Programmer, Sound Design Artist in this production

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