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Producer, Beatmaker, Mixer

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We are artists and audio professionals united to provide you the best music creation and high quality audio services solutions - Custom MIDI Partitures / STEMS Instruments and Arrangement Creation, Beatmaking, Instruments Recordings, Mixing, Mastering and Publishing in many styles, as classical, eletronic, from Hip-Hop to Dance/Pop Music.

This workforce is composed by:

Arthur PATRIA - Customer Project Lead - A formed audio tecnichan with 10 years of eletronic music production background as the Hyperflex Project,within many releases a blast TOP #3 track in the beatport.com psytrance chart. He teaches masterclasses, plays guitar, and produce hiphop tracks with the GRIOT RECs crew.

Marcelo LEITE - Lead Track Arrangement Composer - a formed 20 years experiencied piano guy with both classical and pop music virtuous talent. He has been perfoming in Classical Orchertas and pop shows since childhood, and plays piano, keyboard, percussions, lead guitar and sings.

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AllMusic verified credits for Hyperflex
  • Purist
  • Hyperflex
  • Hyperflex
  • Purist
  • In Lake'ch
Terms Of Service

Terms will be talked about with the client.
Recall until 100% satisfaction assured. Preview with audio watermark will be provided

Gear Highlights
  • Logic X
  • Adams Monitors
  • Focusrite Scarlett 6i6
  • Access Virus Polar
  • Yamaha PBR E403
  • A Bunch of Magic Warm and Characters Plugins. Access to all first class recording equipments since we do in 3th Parties Studios
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