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I am a music producer from germany. I love to work with authentic artists and bands that actually want to say something. I am a true fan to the new and exciting stuff that happens when you stop thinking too much and actually get to do music. Hit me up if you like. Send me demos - i'll be happy to hear through everything.

„Most musicians, or most artists for that matter, operate within their strictly defined belief systems, which prohibit them to just go with their guts and do something, just because it doesn’t sit well with them and their idea of how things are supposed to be done. Jan fights those belief systems with passion and eloquence, he pushes musicians and songwriters through doors they wouldn’t dare to open themselves, into rooms that are filled with possibilities and, what’s most important, the walls are always lined with new doors to explore. Nothing is off limits, nothing is crazy or stupid, that’s what sets Jan apart from most people I’ve worked with so far.“

- Martin Albrich / Lorraine

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Gear Highlights
  • Soundtracs Jade 48
  • Studer A80 Tape Machine
  • Urei Compressors
  • Preamps
  • Vintage Microphones
  • a massive choice of instruments
  • please ask for Details.
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