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Production, Mixing & Mastering

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My name is Sam Osborn, a graduate of Case Western Reserve University's Audio Recording program. With six years of recording, mixing, and mastering experience, I aim to give musicians the highest quality recordings. I have experience with most genres, namely rock, hip-hop, pop, and classical.

While I have the ability to mix and master your tracks to a professional level, I also have the skills to get your songs to the mixing stage with a large array of editing abilities. Comping and tuning vocals, editing of audio files, drum replacement and electric guitar re-amping will all take your songs to the next level and give you a professional edge over other musicians. Have noisy recordings? I can also denoise audio files that need to be cleaned up. Drums or other instruments out of time? I can time align your tracks to give your songs that precise feel found in all professional recordings.

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Terms Of Service

Mixing and Mastering turn around times will vary depending on the complexity of the track but the first songs can be expected after 3 days.

Gear Highlights
  • Pro Tools 10
  • Ozone 5 Advanced
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