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My name is Paul Spade and I am a french music producer, songwriter, mixer. I have developed my craft by working on all different types of projects (pop, rock, metal, hip hop, commercials).

I started by writing songs for various artists, friends and bands I was touring with. Then I created my own music collective that was also a recording studio and a label for the young artists I worked with. It was a great musical adventure with really good people.

For the last 6 years I have also dedicated a great deal of time in the studio to working with Fred Duquesne and musicians of all kinds in Paris.
I have tracked/mixes vocals, guitars, drums, strings and other instruments on a variety of projects over the years.

I have always been curious of the last production techniques and knowing who did what and how… So I gathered many tricks, samples, plugins that I have customized. It’s a real priority to me to be at the top of the music creation and the search.​

I also work with other songwriters from different universes to keep on writing new songs with strong identities.
This made me realize how important is each phase of the creation of the song. I really like the challenge in creating a different story for every new song and it’s much more fun.

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