With a broad interest in work related to Audio, I have been sharpening my skills to be able to help my clients with all their audio needs. From recording, mixing and mastering to troubleshooting their electronic components I am a one stop shop.

At a very young age I was introduced to music through competitive dancing, where I instantly fell in love with music. In order to shape my skills I was inspired by my mother to learn to play the piano and the drums and later on join a church choir. I continued studying and practicing until I graduated from High school and decided to relocate to the United States, where I joined the US Army to serve my country and further my education. After a small intermission caused by marriage and parenthood, my love for music was reawakened by a live event sponsored by pinnacle college. After watching the engineers and technicians work their magic at this event, I knew that Pinnacle college was the right next step for me.

My credits include

Gear highlights

  • Pro Tools 11
  • Komplete 9
  • Logic X

Terms of Service

each job is different, therefore my terms of service are on a client by client basis

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