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Hi! My name is Alex Sanford, and I'm a freelance audio engineer. However, I'm primarily a musician, and any project that I work on gets not only a technically good sound, but also a musician's touch. I can mix or master for you, edit and tighten up some tracks, or even record some instruments as your virtual session musician.

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Mixing: I'll give you a professional mix at an easy flat rate of $150/song. This includes level setting, panning, careful EQ and Compression, and other processing. I also include 2 mix revisions, to make sure we get your mix just right!

Mastering: I offer mastering services at $25/song. I'll get that thing polished up for you in no time!

Editing: This is where we get the tuning and timing of your tracks tightened up. Remember that this will not take bad tracks and make them sound good. But it can take good tracks and get them sounding more professional. I'll tighten up your tracks for $25/instrument. Note that a single instrument with multiple tracks (e.g. a multitracked drum kit) only counts as a single instrument.

Overdub Recording: I have been playing and recording music for many years, and I would love to be your session musician. If you have a track or two that you just can't get right by yourself, I'd be happy to help you out. I can record acoustic and electric guitars, percussion, and harmony or background vocals for $25/track.

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