Giacomo Zambelloni, Everybody On The Shore

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Giacomo Zambelloni from Everybody on th Shore

Giacomo Zambelloni is a young sound technician.
Trough his passion for the piano, he has worked in a recording studio since 2010, while continuing his studies in computer music at the Statale Milano and audio engineering at the SAE institute.
Now works with Everybody on the Shore, an "old school" recording studio, which is marked in the emerging rock music for its powerful and scratchy soound obtained with the exlusive help of analogue machines.
Record production quality at low cost.

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Gear Highlights
  • Compressor Universal Audio 1176 LN - Compressor API 2500 bus compressor - Compressor Art Pro VLA II - Compressor Drawmer 1968 Mercenary edition - API Lunchbox 6 slot - Preamp API 512c per API Lunchbox - 2x Preamp Focusrite ISA 428 mkII
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