Recording and producing music since Yr2000.

Recording and producing music since Yr2000 as well as comercials and corporate productions.
With two studios located in Monterrey and Chihuahua México.
Work with Neve 24 ch console, Pro tools HDX, Rack: Neve 1073, Neve 1066, Neve 1073DPD, Focusrite ISA110, Avalon Vt737sp.

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Gear highlights

  • Neve 24 ch console
  • Pro tools HDX
  • Rack: Neve 1073
  • Neve 1066
  • Neve 1073DPD
  • Focusrite ISA110
  • Avalon Vt737sp.

Genres I specialize in

Endorse Carlos Rojas / Rotproducciones