Production, mixing/mastering

VeineMarée on SoundBetter

I'm a freelance audio engineer with 6 years experience and two years of formal education in the field (have not graduated yet). I want to work towards building a portfolio that I can showcase and use to help further my career.

I do audio editing, arrangement, some production, mixing, and mastering. I'm comfortable working with track stems or stereo mixdowns (NO PROJECT FILES FROM ANY DAW - dealing with compatibility issues is a real headache, and I'm not going to alter my current system when I've been using it for 6 years and am most efficient with the way it is set up.

If you're an Indie band/artist, you can send me your tracks to be mixed/mastered for that "commercial sound" or I can replicate a particular style you would like. I also have my own "Daft Punk-esque" sound that I employ in my original music, which I can also apply to your own tracks.

Upon request, I can supply any stylistic/genre specific sound to your work, and I am successful and quite experienced replicating tricky effects. I can do work on singles, individual audio tracks, EPs, and full albums as well as speeches (should they be required) or other such spoken audio (though I do not do sound for video).

In order for me to provide you with pristine quality audio, I request that all artists who need me to work with audio files send them to me in STANDARD studio quality (24-bit, 48KHz .wav) or CD quality (16-bit, 44.1KHz .wav). The following formats (.mp3; .ogg; and .flac) are not acceptable.

If you have any relevant questions not answered above, feel free to contact me at VeineMaré and I'll be happy to answer.

Send me a note through the contact button above.

Terms Of Service

I will accept one user revision (per track stem). My schedule is busy and so turn-around time will average 1-3 weeks. If 21 days are exceeded, you will not be charged for extra time spent on my end.

Gear Highlights
  • Dynamic processors
  • param.equalizers
  • AutoTune/Melodyne
  • time-based FX
  • sequencers
  • special FX
  • FL 11
  • Live 9
  • Beyederdynamic DT 770 headphones
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