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Credits include
Carrie Underwood, Maren Morris, Duff McKagan, Richard Marx, Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top), American Idol

Country, Indie Pop, Rock, Alternative Rock, Americana, Singer-Songwriter

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About Trey Bruce

I've been lucky along the way but I also work hard at my job. I'm an Emmy Award winning Songwriter and ACM Song Of The Year Nominee. I've won 16 ASCAP Awards and written with some of the most notable artists in the world, from Country, Pop & Rock. My songs have been at #1 on Billboard's singles chart as a songwriter and producer and they've appeared in TV series' as a featured song, a series trailer and random uses more than 300 times. I write or record everyday and love most every minute of it!

What you can expect from a SoundCheck with me

I enjoy working in the path of developing artists and songwriters. As a publisher, I've built catalogue and rosters that lean heavy on new, developing creatives. As a songwriter and producer, I've worked with lots of artists that were still learning their craft, experimenting with genres and identifying boundaries, real or imagined. An artist/writer can expect from me, honesty that comes with some suggested guidance on how to improve. If there's room for improvement, I can be specific about where that is. It may be a groove problem with the phrasing, or the phrasing could be great but the notes of the melody itself are what's lacking, it could be just too many hard consonants in a small space etc etc. An artist/writer can expect me to hear the song as an instrument/vocal only. I can tell them when it's the kick drum that's out of tune and not their vocal. Sometimes the things that are wrong in a production may be glaring, but not obvious. They can expect me to say: "my first rule of songwriting is, there are no rules".

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