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Credits include
Sons of Anarchy, Shakira, SAVAGE GARDEN, Macy Gray, Sheryl Crow

Pop, Pop-Rock, Rock, Indie Pop, Singer-Songwriter

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About Dave Way

4x Grammy winner Dave Way has dozens of multi platinum credits and hits: MJ, Fiona Apple, Pink, Phoebe Bridgers, Weird Al, 21 Pilots (Atmos), All Time Low (Atmos), Yebba (Atmos), Al Green (Atmos), Marshmello (Atmos), Victoria Monet (Atmos), Borns (Atmos), Ziggy Marley, Kesha, Paul McCartney, Foo Fighters, Jakob Dylan, Christina Aguilera, Prince, TLC, Spice Girls, Guy, and MANY more. “My broad experience and love of music helps me bring out what is unique in each project.”

What you can expect from a SoundCheck with me

With over 30 years being in the mix with top artists of all genres, I have a keen sense of what makes a song/production work and what doesn’t. As a mixer, producer, musician and songwriter I can communicate to you how your song and production can be improved. I am also able to let you know what you’re doing right. Very often, it’s hard to keep perspective on what you’re working on. Playing it for friends with “consumers ears” can be valuable but they will not be able to directly indentify and indicate the pros and cons of your song. Good advice can save you time and money spent moving in the wrong direction and help you be more efficient and productive.

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What is this SoundCheck product?

Get feedback on your music, production or mix from the industry’s best producers, sound engineers and songwriters.
Choose a SoundCheck option, upload your file on the checkout page along with a note about the kind of feedback you're interested in, and get actionable written or voice feedback from an industry pro.
Benefit from a renowned professional’s set of ears, improve your track before release, learn and get better sounding tracks.
Note - you may not use the name, image, or likeness of the professional you purchased SoundCheck from as credited personnel or otherwise.