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Codiscos, Warner Music Mexico, Sony Music Colombia, Warner Chappell Colombia, Warner Music

Reggaeton, Latin, Pop, Tropical / Dancehall, R&B-Soul

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Want to combine international Pop with Latin-American grooves? Then stop looking, 'cause I'm your guy. Internationally acclaimed multi-award winner, #1 📀 on iTunes and Spotify in multiple countries, here to make your visions into reality.

What you can expect from a SoundCheck with me

Artists can expect a personalized, in-depth analysis of their music that draws on my extensive experience working with hit songs and successful artists in the Latin Music scene. With over a decade of professional experience in Latin music production, songwriting, and mixing engineering, I will bring a unique perspective to their work that's tied to my own personal and professional experience, providing them with constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement, as well as praise for any strong elements in the song (it's equally important to know what you've done well!). I understand the rhythms, melodies, and cultural influences that drive the Latin Music scene and can help them to fine-tune and enhance their music according to the latest trends, as well as connect with Latin music audiences and fans. When it comes to genre specific feedback, I can help them to incorporate traditional rhythms, with modern pop, to create a new and fresh take on the genre. I can guide them to create tracks that are both dancefloor-friendly and radio-friendly and also help them to fuse worlds of outside of Latin genres to create a unique fusion that target different audiences and contexts. I will be providing them actionable advice that they can use to elevate the songs or tracks to the next level, and I will share my own experiences and insights that I've gained over the years that can help the artist to achieve their goal. I guarantee that my feedback will be delivered with a mix of professional expertise and a personal touch that aims to help the artist to achieve their goal and achieve success in the Latin Music scene.

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