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Credits include
natalia lafourcade, Richard Bona, Colbie Caillat, Ben Platt, Gza, Virgil Donati

Jazz, Pop, House, R&B-Soul, Rock

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About Isamu McGregor

Colbie Caillat (USA). Richard Bona (Cameroon). Natalia Lafourcade (Mexico). Sadao Watanabe (Japan). Virgil Donati (Australia). These are just some of the global artists that I have had the fortune to work with over the years. Whatever style of piano or keyboards you are looking for, I can deliver - and at a very high level.

What you can expect from a SoundCheck with me

I find great satisfaction in offering any type of musical advice to those who are seeking guidance! I started out primarily as a performing pianist / keyboardist, so I can always offer advice on technique, improvisation, part-writing, etc. But I also take pride in being able to listen to a piece of music as a whole, and finding different and unique ways to help it improve. I can offer guidance on how to improve your music from an arranging/orchestration perspective, whether it's starting from the ground-up, or building upon a foundation that you already have. Whether it's a rock band, EDM track, jazz combo or full orchestra, I can help you develop the musicality of your piece, and give it a professional sound and touch.

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