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Credits include
Taylor Swift, Kanye West, Drake, BTS, NF, Ariana Grande, vybz kartel, Bruno Mars, Kendrick Lamar, J Cole

Rock, Pop, K-Pop, Hip Hop

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Credits on 114 RIAA Gold records, 57 Grammy Nominations, 47 BTS mixes & counting. Is yours next? 32 Billion streams. I have touched many songs that have touched your life, now let me help you get great results with your songs. From mixing in all formats to consulting across my vast range of experience, let's talk further. -Ken Lewis

What you can expect from a SoundCheck with me

I am an open book and i give honest, real world feedback that you can act upon. I've produced, mixed, arranged, recorded, and created with the best in the world for 30 years. I've made all the mistakes so you dont have to, experience is everything. Ask me anything music or mixing and I'll give you direct feedback that you can easily understand and act upon. I live in the real world, I'm not gonna throw technical shit at you if you're not technical, or musical info if you're not a musician. One of my instruments is DAW. Really think about what questions you want answered with your critique and I'll cover what i can. I am HONEST, and i'll tell you what i think needs improvement AND how to improve it, from production to vocal performance, songwriting to arrangement to mix. I'll also site your strengths. What are your goals with this song? Streaming single? Sync potential? I'm not just critiquing, i am guiding you toward the music and the markets you want to be in. Keep it short, but informative! I am looking forward to hearing your music. -Ken Lewis

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