one test song of a 8 song 63 minute album ( would require a couple of the songs be be radio length mixed as well)

1 song of 8 song album project as test. Will pick 3 and the best of the 3 would get the album. Pro tools 11 with quality mics, equipment etc. 3 piece group guitar bass, drums and vocals. Drums are quantized, vocals may require tuning. Currently little or no harmonies and 1 guitar track no overdubs, but willing to add if you see the need. Looking for award winning, mixing/production and mastering to create professional quality recording. Willing to re-record additional tracks to achieve your vision of what a song needs to be. Price is not the issue ... quality of output is. Believe it or not we believe if you like what we do you will spend more time and do a better job. But, seriously don't brown nose us either ... we are looking for someone but critical as well and can improve us.

I'd like to have the job done by

Aug 31, 2014