Need single guitar tracks edited - cut / paste / only some auto-tuning...

I'm in a jam band. Songs are long, but the advantage is that very little editing needs to be done. I just want to edit my personal guitar track within each song and I don't have the time personally to learn how to use a DAW bc I have a ft job elsewhere (unfortunately) that keeps me busy. The band works on one song at a time, but please know that I'm looking to simplify, send out files with good editing notes for an engineer to work with, and then just have the engineer (i.e, you) take care of it. Each track won't take long, but over the span of a year or many more, this could be a good opportunity. (On the the YouTube link, I'm the guy playing the purple Parker Fly guitar and running through a Dr. Z MAZ18 / Hardtruckers JG-1 cab, not the other guitarist / vocalist in hat).

I'd like to have the job done by

Jul 11, 2014