Need End-to-End Help (Production-Mixing-Mastering) on 1 Song!

Hi there! My name is Chris but I go under the drag performer name Dakota Conduct. I am looking to release a single for the summer; would love to have the song ready by April 1. I am a musician myself, I have played piano for 25 years and also play guitar/sing. I am looking for all the help to take the song from my head/piano all the way to release. I am looking for a heavy pop sound (think Britney Spears or Kylie Minogue) with a lot of synth. Let me know what your availability is and we can discuss the idea some more! Thanks!

Additional info:
. The song has somewhere between 10 and 30 tracks recorded that need mixing. I need parts recorded for one song. I don't have a hard deadline for this.