Need a recording-studio in Hamburg, Germany for the recording of 4 songs (vocals only)

For an upcoming mix job for a female vocalist from Germany I'm looking for a suitable recording studio in Hamburg. The vocalist wants to record her vocals locally. The musical genre is pop/pop-rock The job consists of the following: -The recording of her vocals (lead and backings). She will provided the music as mixed 2-tracks -The export and transfer of all (comped) vocal tracks to me for mixing. We are looking for a passionate engineer with a nice studio (in terms of acoustics and microphone/pre-amp/convertors). This could also be a "B"-room of a larger/commercial studio. The vocalist wants to record in August 2018 Best regards, Raymond

Additional info:
I need all the vocals recorded (lead vocals, harmonies, stacks, ad libs). The song will be released commercially. I'd like to use your name as the vocalist. The lyrics and melody are already written. I just need a singer.. I'm looking for a female singer. I'm looking to work with a very experienced singer. I don't have a hard deadline for this. . I'm an independent artist not affiliated with a record label.