Need a Deep male singer (Quick job)

Hey guys! Currently I am producing a house track, and I'd like some vocals for it. I'm going for a repetitive vocal vibe so realistically I only require 8 lines in total. I have composed the melody and have a few lines written Please find the attached MP3 to listen to the track and I have played a piano melody for reference to vocal melody. For style of vocal I'm aiming for Meduza - piece of your heart kinda vibes, that melodic deep voice. Thanks guys

Additional info:
I need to get it done by DATE. I am affiliated with a record label. The song will be released commercially. I've written melody, but need help writing lyrics. I need just the lead vocal recorded. I'm looking to work with a very experienced singer. I'm looking for a male singer. Check out what I uploaded. I don't need to use your name - you can be uncredited.