Lyrics for my song 'Heading Home'

I write songs for my family - I have a new one I have the basic structure for ATM. No tune available really, as I only worked it out today. I am never great at lyrics so I could use some help with writing them - The story is: A guy (yep male) has been living on earth and will be ''Heading Home'' soon to wherever it is he originated.(yes another planet/star system - wherever (heaven if you like - but I want it to be more ambiguous than 'death') Notes I have about his time on earth include: Snakes & Ladders - Ups & Downs Monopoly - Winning & losing Roller Coasters - Helter Skelters Roll the dice and fall back down Winning & losing - part of the amusement Climb the highest mountain - it's cold up there (being alone sometimes) After his kids came along (joy/best time/etc.,) Grandkids next Now it's time to go. To Head back Home.

Additional info:
I've written melody, but need help writing lyrics. The vocals will only be used for demo purposes. Not for release.. I'm an independent artist not affiliated with a record label. . I'm not sure yet if I'd prefer ‘work for hire' or am open to sharing publishing. Can you quote for both situations please?.