Looking for someone to mix and possibly master a remix that I am doing.

A little background, I am a college student with a rather small budget working a part time job so I cant afford top notch mixing but hopefully I can convince someone to mix to the best of their ability. I created a remix for Janet Jackson's Someone To Call My Lover as a fun vibey track and am looking to release it digitally for free on Janet's birthday. I'm not looking to profit off this, and its the same reason why I can't pay $600 for a mix. (I'd have to save up for almost a month to just even afford that with my part time job.) There are 20 tracks in the project, 5 tracks are just effects alone that are not EQ'd. The vocals are sidechained to to a ghost channel that will not have a track, The bassline and some chord tracks are sidechained to the main kick track.

I'd like to have the job done by

May 14, 2014