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Logic Pro X engineering lessons for composer in Seattle

I'm a musicianeer who has spent the last 18 months learning Logic while composing music, currently all software tracks, but audio (vocals, instruments) are coming next. I have a dozen heavily orchestrated tracks I'm readying for a release, but need assistance with engineering. My primary issues relate to: 1. Setting the files up with bussing/sends to clean up the signals. Too many DI's with too many presets cloud it up. 2. Clearing out the muddiness (perhaps they're related!), so we have room for loudness and better EQ. I'd like to learn from someone with plenty of experience with this age-old DIY problem. You show up at (weekend) noon, leave at 3 or 4, take a $100. We can then set up follow-ups if needed. LPX only, please. Someone local to Seattle Washington Please.

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Apr 30, 2014