I need lyrics ideas. And vocals to had to my beats

I'm looking for someone to write down lyrics and sing vocals. Work with me. With some ideas I have... I am a Canadian affected with chronic paranoid schizophrenia... I'm trying to become productive in a way. . And expressing my self through my music is a way of healing my self... recently my father died. I'd like my next song to be about him... but in my own way. If someone would be interested.. I grew up listening to groups like linkin park and d12 I am a huge fan of more than dozens artist... I would love to find the right person to work with me become somehow able to live on my own by doing what I love.. playing mixing and programming music. Thanks

Additional info:
I'm an independent artist not affiliated with a record label. I'd like to use your name as the vocalist. . The song will be released commercially. I need help writing both lyrics and a vocal melody. I need just the hook or chorus recorded. I'm hoping to find a good singer who can work with my limited budget. I'm looking for a female singer. I don't have a hard deadline for this.