Help writing/producing 4-6 songs

I am a singer, but I don't have any original music. I would love it if I could get some help writing some music for an EP. I would trust your advice for what mood/message each song should convey in order to work together as a group, if that's necessary. The genre I am interested in is probably considered contemporary R&b, the style being similar to the following artists/songs/vibes. There are varying styles and genres here, but sticking to one general style in order to make the EP flow even if it's not R&b is fine: (Raindrops, Breathin, Pete Davidson, Be Alright, One More Time, Dangerous Woman, Almost Is Never Enough)- Ariana Grande, (Killing Me Softly) - Fugees, (A Woman's Worth, If I ain't got you) -Alicia Keys. (You Don't Own Me) - Grace. I like the SOUNDS of but may not fit perfectly with (?) (Talk, Better) -Khalid. (Better Now, Sunflower)- Post Malone. I like Billie Eilish's originality/sound, but I don't want to go that dark as far as subject matter. So my interests are mixed, meaning that I'm open.

Additional info:
I need a song written from scratch - lyrics, music, and vocal melody. I need the vocals tuned as well. I'm going to hire a different mastering engineer. I'm interested in working with a very experienced mixer. I don't have a hard deadline for this. .