Full Symphonic Metal Album Mixed - At Dawn's Edge

We are looking to mix 12 songs (average of 5 minutes each) in the genre of symphonic metal. We're looking to mix two, double-tracked guitars, bass, vocals from 2 singers (though it's one singer for 9 of the songs) and about 20-30 tracks of orchestra for each song. We don't have all the recordings now, but we will be recording everything ourselves + programming the orchestra. We're looking for a big, "meaty" sound instrumentally, like Periphery or Monuments, but desire the orchestral clarity that Nightwish has in their tracks. Here's one of our EP songs we would be re-recording and re-mixing. We feel the track could benefit from less of a compressed sound, better mixed vocals as they sound processed and a much clearer orchestra where it's not simply mixed by cutting out the low end.