Co-production for one song

Please note: This is a co-production job, not mixing. Please don't make mixing or mastering offers. I am currently working on a single which blends 60's rock (Cream/Beatles influenced) -(choruses and bridge)-with Soul/R&B Mc'ing -(verses). The track is meant for single release and tv/movie placements. I am half way through writing and production , pretty stuck, and miss a final tweak of ideas before the recording of real drums (Brian McRae), vocals (myself/possibly Mitch Bowden and Sum Mc'ing) and mixing. I am looking for a producer/programmer with a modern sound who is intrigued by the project and wants to experiment with an arrangement development/change. I need a person who really likes the idea and thinks he/she can improve the current session arrangement both with his/her work and suggestions etc. Please consider a trial before actually getting the gig. : If interested I will send separate stems (Vocals, guitars, programmed drums, etc) then the candidate would try his ideas on the song. If I like your work there is a fee offered as a co-production plus a possible co-writing share depending on creative involvement. Please listen to the demo from the sc link ( it's a ruff of the current demo) and contact me only if really interested in the creative process of this track. Thanks for understanding. Please dont make comments on the mix, i am currently focusing on the arrangement. Thanks a lot for checking the track out. Filippo