As an artist, I'm looking for an engineer trying to partner with my exceptional talent and vision

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    What I offer is bigger than rap, its spoken word over melodic beats. From start to finish I'm looking to create a Reasonable Doubt or Illmatic feeling album for the modern day. I'm beyond different, and I know that I have a deep soul filled with pain, struggle, despair but also a presence on mic that displays hope for a stellar future. All I have is my 16 month old daughter, and I'm starting to feel like the window is closing on how long I can just dream- and not deliver. The story that I have to share with the world is something anyone can relate to. NOW LISTEN TO MY DIFFERENT SOUND BEGINNING WITH MY ATTACHED TRACK.

    Our music is: Hip Hop

    Artists Nas

    I'd like to have the job done by Jul 01, 2014