Additional Production needed for track

Hey all I have a rap/hip hop song I produced. I'm looking for it to knock a little more, especially with the drums. I'm not a hip hop producer, so I i'm a little in the dark with the proper production techniques for this kind of music. I'll included my most recent mix, I use Ableton but could put the session into Logic if it's easier for you.

Additional info:
I have a song already recorded and want some additional production elements - sound effects, synths, samples, percussion, re-recorded instruments. The lyrics and vocal melody are already written. I don't need vocals recorded. I'm looking for someone to record some additional sound effects, short drum loops, or other production elements. I'd like you to also mix and master if possible. I'd like to work with a top pro who's worked on hit songs and I have the budget for that. I don't have a hard deadline for this.