Need Male or Female songwriters/vocalists/rappers for short track projects

Hello, My name is Eric and I am a cheerleading music producer. I am currently in search for songwriters/vocalist/rappers for some short 30 second track projects. I need people that are innovative, professional, and that can meet deadlines. As for the projects, I will provide the instrumental track and some notes on what the track needs to be about. These projects are not commercial and are work for hire. I use these tracks in my cheerleading mixes that cheer teams use to compete at for competitions. I have attached a sample of a track that I have already produced with another artist. If you are interested please reply with answers to the following questions: 1. What would your price be for writing to the 30 second track? (usually in the style of One Verse and One Chorus) 2. What would your price be for recording to the 30 second track? 3. What would your price be for writing and recording together to the 30 second track? 4. Do you have your own setup? Let me know. Thank you!

Additional info:
I don't need to use your name - you can be uncredited. I don't have a hard deadline for this. I'm an independent artist not affiliated with a record label. I need help writing both lyrics and a vocal melody. I'm hoping to find a good singer who can work with my limited budget. Check out what I uploaded. I need all the vocals recorded (lead vocals, harmonies, stacks, ad libs). I will only use the vocals for demo purposes. Not for release.. I'm looking for a female singer.