19 songs, I suppose, evaluated for what needs to be done to get it on Spotify

So--I've come to terms with the lo-fi, all-over-the-place sonic space this album occupies. It's, to me, how it should be--it's thematically relevant to the nature of the album, as far as I'm concerned. There are 19 tracks. I suppose as far as genre goes it'd be country music--though not a fan of the term, necessarily. It's certainly more lo-fi, experimental in a lot ways--offset by acoustic tracks. The "noise" is deliberate--whether or not that makes a difference. This is the description of the album on Bandcamp: An attempt by a cartoon band to explore, among other things, mental illness, the burden of systemic patriarchal oppression as it relates to toxic masculinity and its tendency, I think, to appropriate and exploit the melodramtic and the performative as justification for its terror. Equipped with, largely, with just an old Dell laptop, an acoustic guitar, and a keyboard.

Additional info:
The song has less than 10 tracks recorded that need mixing. I'm hoping to find a good mixer that can work with my limited budget. I need it by 6 July, 2020. I don't need the song mastered. The tracks are cleaned, tuned, and and the song is ready to be mixed.