Need Lead + BG Vocals 1 Record

Artistic Direction: Finding the song pocket and staying in a small range, say 3 notes or so. The delivery should be laid back, soft and not overly sung. Staying in a small range, sticking closer to 3 notes on the octave (ex. from D to F in this record). I've gone through with a piano and tried to write the notation for each syllable in the hook sent in a follow up message. Follow reference for tonality and try to match how I'm saying the words but closer to the actual notes. refer to original sample and reference track (below) for inspiration and additional direction. Original Sample & Reference Track: Gulzaar Chhaniwala - Mafia Love: Please refer to 0:06 and 0:45 and 2:00 of the above song for additional reference. Ref Hook timestamps: 0:12 0:57 1:41

Additional info:
I'm an independent artist not affiliated with a record label. The lyrics and melody are already written. I just need a singer.. I'm looking to work with a very experienced singer. The song will be released commercially. I don't need to use your name - you can be uncredited. . I'm looking for a female singer. I don't have a hard deadline for this. I need just the hook or chorus recorded.