Production Needed: Futurebass/Post-dub

I've got a written track with placement vocals (will be re-recorded in a studio at a later point) and very rudimentary demo production. I already have a solid team for mix/master/vox production, Looking for a producer to build a track/instrumental around the melody and form. Demo so far is purely midi/samples rn and completely replaceable, I am looking for a specific sound and will supply further info/production notes/production references upon hire, . Looking for production very similar to (Black Coast remix by Lucian) or (Make it Real remix by Vestige) - post-dub/remix/electronic pop. NOT looking for a straight up house/4 on the floor dance sound, looking for something a bit more out and dramatic. Funded by OAC, looking to have done in 2-3 months time.

Additional info:
I need it by 30 June, 2020. The song has somewhere between 10 and 30 tracks recorded that need mixing. I'm going to hire a different mastering engineer. Check out the song I attached.