I need 12 seconds of crunchy lead guitar to playoff the original lead

Hey there. I hope you are well. We have an alt rock song called "Broken Down" that needs a crunchy second lead to supercharge the jam. I'd like 10-11 seconds at 3:02-3:13 that is a unique, harder, funkier take on the crunchy guitar found at the beginning of the song at :04 - :14 secs with an emphasis on the choppier style at :04 and :08. During this section of the song the fuzz guitars will be turned down so that your riff and the lead will be showcased. We are in final mix and we need this riff to take the song up a notch. I've attached Broken Down. Sorry, but I need this by Monday, April 20, but with sheltering in place and time on our hands am hoping some great guitarist will jump on this. If interested please send me samples closest to this ask. Thanks very much. I look forward to hearing from you.

Additional info:
The part I'd like you to record is already written. I need it done by DATE. I need parts recorded for one song. .