Minimalistic sentimental guitar needed

Hello everyone, I am looking for a pro guitarist who can create and record a sentimental and melancholic David Gilmour style guitar for my track. Please take a look at the demo attached. The idea here is to add short deeply reverbed guitar licks through the track (preferably repetitive, so it's just a few loops) and the solo in the end of it (starting at 2:46) I am looking for minimalistic and very mindful work that will match really good with vocals, so please apply only if you have enough time to make it good and really familiar with Gilmour solo style. As a result I would like to see a dry direct-recorded guitar track, preferably played on stratocaster. The recording should be ready for use in production (noise-free, etc)

Additional info:
I need you to write the part as well. I don't have a hard deadline for this. I need parts recorded for one song.