Needed Soul/Motown version of "More than this" by Roxy Music

Hi, I am currently working on a project to produce as many different genres of More than this as possible during the UK lockdown. It's a bit of fun project as my partner is a care worker that is unable to care due to the virus (once she's cleared she will be able to go back). By trade, she's a professional singer. So we wanted to do this to cheer up service users in care homes. We know it's a popular song in care homes, but everyone has different tastes - hence the mini mission! So far, I have done 10,000 maniacs, dance (more for the staff!) and almost completed Jazz. I am also looking at a string quartet version. What I am looking for here is a Sou/Motown version as a midi file. As a guide, the maniacs & dance ones are both 128bpm. Is there anyone able to put one together in this genre? Thank you for reading :) Lee

Additional info:
The song has less than 10 tracks recorded that need mixing. The tracks are cleaned, tuned, and and the song is ready to be mixed. I don't need the song mastered.