1 acapella vox track repaired

Hello - I have a low quality recording of my wife singing a lullaby she improvised for our daughters. I am hoping to remove the crackles of the mic shifting, and even out the recording overall. I am hoping the outcome could be a solid sounding vocal track that I can work with in my DAW, though I do anticipate it will be lofi in nature and am fine with that. I will plan to create an arrangement with the final track with instrumentation and press to vinyl for a Christmas present for her and our daughters. I do not have to the tools or skills to make this track sound as good as it can. Are you willing to check it out?

Additional info:
The song has less than 10 tracks recorded that need mixing. I need the mixer to do some editing, time aligning and vocal tuning before mixing. I don't need the song mastered. I'm hoping to find a good mixer that can work with my limited budget.