Avatar_defaultby Robb

Need 12 tracks mixed/mastered

Currently have a 12 track album with a run time of approx 30 mins. The album is in the final stages. I need a 2nd engineer to do a final mix pass through to polish the tracks, making the fxs pop as well as making sure levels are even from Top to bottom. The album currently has 8 revisions worth of clean up & structuring that have been done. I dont have a deadline, but would like to get the album finalized before the new year. Excited to collaborate and work through ideas (old and new) to take the album to the next level! Can provide current mixes upon request.

Additional info:
I'll need you to master it too if possible. I'm interested in working with a very experienced mixer. I don't have a hard deadline for this. . The song is fully recorded. I just need mixing and mastering.. The tracks are cleaned, tuned, and and the song is ready to be mixed.