Need one of my first song produced

Hi. I always loved reggaetón music especially ozuna,daddy yankee, nicki jam and natti natasha. I would like to produce a reggaetón song similar to natti Natasha but still a little bit of my style and more stronger character. I have been taking singing lessons but it was long time ago and I want to make sure my vocal is corrected before I record something. You can write my lyrics in English or Spanish and it has to be a song which you can dance too because i am a dancer too.

Additional info:
I will be recording vocals on my own. I'm looking for someone to re-record a demo I've already created, but with high-quality samples, synths, and effects. I'll hire a different pro mixer and mastering engineer, for the moment I'm just interested in production. I'd like to work with a top pro who's worked on hit songs and I have the budget for that. I don't have a hard deadline for this. . I'm an independent artist not affiliated with a record label. I need someone to help with the entire song-making process - writing, arrangement, creating background music/beat, other instrumentation, mixing and mastering.