Indie pop producer needed

I'm an indie pop singer from Sweden/Australia. I’m currently working on my third single and looking for a producer to help take it to the next level. I self-produced my first two singles, Change and Young Hearts, which you can hear on my Soundcloud page here: or on Spotify here: I’ve attached a demo of my next single, Redhanded. I haven’t tried to finalise any of the parts yet because I’m keen to work with someone who can bring out the best in the song, but you can hear the structure/melodies and general vibe. If you think you’re the right producer for me, drop me a line with some examples of your work and a ballpark estimate for the kind of cost you’d be expecting. Thanks for reading! Lemme know if you're keen.

Additional info:
I need someone to help with the entire song-making process - writing, arrangement, creating background music/beat, other instrumentation, mixing and mastering. The lyrics and vocal melody are already written. I will be recording vocals on my own. I'm looking for someone to re-record a demo I've already created, but with high-quality samples, synths, and effects. I'd like you to also mix and master if possible. I'm looking to hire a very experienced producer. I don't have a hard deadline for this. . I'm an independent artist not affiliated with a record label.