1 written song

Hello I have a concept for the song. I would like to colab and help write with you. I need a fire melody and slick lyrics to make this song pop as I’m wanting to use this as my Albums single before I drop it. I am looking for someone who can provide me with a reference track or Demo so that I know how to sing the lyrics in the melody correctly. I’m trying to incorporate as much vocal expression and powerful vocals to make my audience feel something ! Check me out on Instagram @YesitsMarche for my latest content I have out so you can get a feel for my voice sound and vocal range. I’m also on all music streaming platforms under the name Marchè Le’Shun. Look forward to working with you.

Additional info:
The vocals will be used in a commercial release. Check out what I uploaded. I'm not sure yet if I'd prefer ‘work for hire' or am open to sharing publishing. Can you quote for both situations please?. I'm an independent artist not affiliated with a record label. I have lyrics written but need music and a vocal melody.